Things I Left Behind

Things I Left Behind

I’ve been running since 2009 and I rejoined Weight Watchers at the beginning of 2012. I had started Weight Watchers in late 2009 but didn’t stick with it. (I thought the running and stuff was enough. It wasn’t). Last year, after I had made some pretty amazing progress, I started noting all of the things that had changed with losing weight. Being obese brings with it a lot of difficulties and humiliations. Below is a working list of all of the things I have run away from, with a lot of help from Weight Watchers and the motivation to be healthier.

  • Not being able to weigh myself on a standard physician’s scale (Those go up to 350);
  • Not being able to weigh myself on most home bathroom scales (Those go up to 300);
  • Needing a seatbelt extender on airplanes. (I used to own one so I didn’t have to ask for one. This was a particular low point for me.);
  • Buying all of my clothes at Big & Tall stores and none at regular stores;
  • Having people look at me sideways when I got on an elevator (and then a quick glance at the weight capacity posted);
  • Taking an elevator up one or two floors because stairs would be too difficult;
  • Not being able to fit comfortably in stadium or movie theater seats;
  • Taking up almost half of the other seat on CTA buses and trains;
  • Needing to know the weight limits of chairs and carnival rides (and frequently exceeding them);
  • Receiving dire warnings and threats from my doctors about my weight;
  • Having pain in my knees from walking more than a few blocks;
  • Being unable to wrap a standard bath towel around my waist;
  • Deliberately avoiding anything “all you can eat” for fear of being told “no, not you”;
  • Squeezing into a booth at a restaurant and sometimes not being able to fit;
  • Not be able to wear anything that’s marked “one size fits all” or even “one size fits most”;
  • Having difficulty tying my shoes

I have a long way to go still. But I’ve come a long way and it is good to reflect on my progress to remind myself that I have enjoyed a lot of success so far.