Ironman in 2018

I don’t know which one yet, but I am going to complete an Ironman Triathlon in 2018.

Putting it down as a goal is an important first step. I need clear goals. The second step is to get ready for it physically. One part of that will be taking control of lunch. Since I work from home, this is going to be a major focus for developing new eating habits. To that end, I’m going to spend more time preparing and cooking lunch and making an effort to practice mindful eating. It’s really easy to work at your desk when you’re working from home and it’s ridiculously easy to snack the day away. Here’s the first cookbook I bought.

My menu for this week is:

  • Cashew-crusted salmon
  • Portobello & chicken sausage bowl
  • Black beans & cheddar burger
  • Asian chicken w/peanut sauce
  • Curried chicken salad w/ pistachios
  • Chickpea flour crackers

At some point, I’m going to also try some of the breakfast recipes and if one of the lunch recipes is particularly good, I’ll make it for dinner for the family.

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